The Provincetown Seafarer's Monument A lasting tribute to Provincetown's Seafaring Legacy: Fishing, Whaling, Life Saving. Exploration and Maritime past, present and future

The municipally approved public monument project formerly known as "The Provincetown Fishermen's Memorial," by the sculptor, Romolo Del Deo, has been renamed and under new sponsorship to assure that Provincetown’s Seafaring Legacy lives on, celebrating Provincetown's four century long traditions of the Fishing, Whaling, Exploration, Science and Life Saving on the Sea. The monument is in progress in the artist's studio and on track to be completed in time for dedication during the Provincetown QuadriCentennial Celebration in 2020. Follow the Progress on Facebook

The Seafarer's Monument is a  life size bronze sculptural depiction of two Dory Fishermen Hand-lining off the Grand Banks, part of Provincetown's great Seafaring Legacy. You can support the project directly through the online donation portal


About the Project

The Provincetown Seafarer's Monument is dedicated to celebrating the seafaring tradition of Provincetown and Cape Cod’s, past, present and future. By order of the Selectmen of the Town of Provincetown upon the recommendation of the Provincetown Art Commission and approval by the Provincetown Pier Corporation, award-winning local artist, Romolo Del Deo has been commissioned to create a monumental sculpture dedicated to the maritime legacy of Provincetown, to be publicly displayed on MacMillan Wharf. Please join us, the Friends of the Seafarer's Tribute in raising awareness of this great legacy that shaped the town we all love and contribute to this noble project for future generations.


Our Shared Story


The seafaring tradition has touched everyone’s lives in Provincetown in some way, from the men and women of Provincetown's fishing past to the "wash ashore" today. We all realize that the town we know and love, would not be the place it is, were it not for the generations of intrepid seafarers and the safe harbor they created here, not just for themselves, but for one of the most remarkable and diverse communities in America. The time is more than past due that this proud history be honored with a public monument that echoes all the individualism and spirit of our maritime legacy.


Our Site


 It is the resolve of the Town of Provincetown that this monument should be sited close to the heart of Provincetown’s seaport. Therefore, they have had Del Deo design a special extension to Macmillan wharf, where it meets the shore, connecting the Fishermen’s Park to Macmillan Wharf, so that everyone entering and leaving the pier will be able to reflect upon the seafaring legacy, both past and present.


The Impact


 This project is long overdue, Provincetown's sister towns of Gloucester and New Bedford, both have famous sculptures honoring their seamen, how ironic that Provincetown, America's first art colony, and the home to artists for generations, has until now, lacked a fitting artwork to honor its own sea-going tradition which played such an important role in the development of the art here. Help Provincetown join that august group of communities who honor their seamen. Help build the Provincetown Seafarer's Tribute.


Our Goals


The Provincetown Seafarer's Monument is currently in re-organization as it shifts to expand the scope of the project under its new name and develops new sponsorship with a goal of delivering the monument to the public by 2020. With the support of The Friends of the Seafarer’s Monument, an ad hoc organization of volunteers, we are raising awareness about the project  and this great legacy that shaped the community of the Lower Cape  Please join us and rise to this challenge of creating something lasting that speaks not just to our storied past but to our future.


This project will be divided into Four funding phases, to cover the stages of creating the 14 foot long by 10 foot high monument on a new wharf platform. Each funding phase is estimated at $125,000.  This project is targeted to take at least two years if funding keeps apace. Please return to this site to see how the on-going progress of sculpting the monument is proceeding in the artist's studio.


About the Artist


Provincetown native, sculptor Romolo Del Deo has over 30 years of experience creating publics works world wide, including creation of the largest public sculpture on Cape Cod. Del Deo is recognized internationally as an artist and recently represented the United States as the artistic cultural ambassador to the G7 Summit. He is also the son of celebrated local historian Josephine Del Deo and master painter, Salvatore Del Deo, who helped found the Fine Arts Work Center, The Cape Cod National Seashore, The Provincetown Heritage Museum, the Rose Dorothea Memorial, The Provincetown Historical District and the Cape Cod Museum of Art. Salvatore Del Deo also fished with the legendary Sea Fox , skippered by Manuel Zora and was one of the founders of the Cape Cod Regional Technical High School. The Del Deo’s have a long history of public works and community projects, with deep roots and broad based support in the community born from years of service to Provincetown and Cape Cod.


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The Provincetown Seafarer's Monument A lasting tribute to Provincetown's Seafaring Legacy: Fishing, Whaling, Life Saving. Exploration and Maritime past, present and future